Cycling the Danube, part I

Flight connections:
As most of our guests prefer to arrive by plane, we put together an overview over respective flight connections here:

Domestic airport To/From Airline Remarks *
Birmingham Munich Dt. Lufthansa  
Birmingham Munich (via Amsterdam or Paris) KLM  
Bristol Munich (via Amsterdam) KLM  
Edinburgh Munich EasyJet mostly evening flights
Edinburgh Munich (via Amsterdam, Frankfurt or London) KLM, British Airways, Dt. Lufthansa  
Glasgow Munich (via Amsterdam) KLM morning outbound, evening inbound flight
London Heathrow Munich British Airways, Dt. Lufthansa, AirBerlin  
London Heathrow Munich (via Zurich, Amsterdam or Paris) Swissair, KLM, AirFrance  
London Gatwick & Stansted Munich easyJet  
London Stansted Munich (via Dusseldorf) Air Berlin  
London Stansted Munich West (Memmingen) ** RyanAir operates daily except Thursdays
London Stansted Nuremberg *** RyanAir mostly evening flights
Manchester Munich easyJet evening flights, operates not on Tue/Wed/Sat
Manchester Munich Dt. Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines  
Manchester Munich (via Zurich or Amsterdam) Swissair, KLM  
Dublin Munich AerLingus morning outbound, evening inbound flight
Dublin Munich West (Memmingen) ** RyanAir operates not Tue/Thu/Sat
Shannon Munich West (Memmingen) ** RyanAir operates Tue/Thu/Sat only
Cork Munich AirLingus operates Tue and Sat only