Cycling the Austrian Danube, Passau to Vienna

Domestic airport To/From Airline Remarks *
Birmingham Munich/Vienna (via Amsterdam or other airports) KLM, Dt. Lufthansa  
Edinburgh Munich/Vienna (via Amsterdam, Heathrow or other airports) KLM, British Airways, Dt. Lufthansa  
Glasgow Munich/Vienna (via Amsterdam) KLM  
London Heathrow Munich/Vienna British Airways  
London Heathrow Munich/Vienna Dt. Lufthansa / KLM / Austrian / swiss  
London Gatwick Munich/Vienna easyJet morning outbound flight
London Stansted Memmingen (+ bus services to Munich) /Bratislava (+ bus service from Vienna) Ryanair outbound flight not operating on Sundays
Manchester Munich/Vienna (via Frankfurt or Paris) Dt. Lufthansa / Air France  
Manchester Munich/Vienna (via Zurich) Dt. Lufthansa / Swiss  
Manchester Munich/Vienna (via Heathrow) British Airways  
Dublin Munich/Vienna AerLingus  
Dublin Munich/Vienna (via Frankfurt, Amsterdam or other airports) Dt. Lufthansa, KLM, British Airways  
Dublin Memmingen (+ bus services to Munich) /Bratislava (+ bus service from Vienna) Ryanair not operating on Saturdays

Last updated: November 2019, please ask your preferred ticket agent for an actual quote.
*) Annotation:
    evening outbound flight - guests arriving after 6pm will have dinner on their way to Passau
    morning inbound flight - please be aware that we arrive in Vienna Friday night very late
    extended stopover - expect spending some extra time at the stopover airport