Our bicycles

A Mercurio cycling holiday includes a bicycle. This is because we know the difficulties you are faced with bringing your own one and getting it back home in one piece.

Our hybrid bicycles are equipped with

  • either an 11 speed gear hub or with 24 derailleur gears,
  • a comfortable saddle,
  • a 100% water-resistant pannier to transport your valuables like camera and passport and
  • a bicycle lock.

The bicyles get serviced regularly and meet all traffic regulations. (Don't worry: We mostly ride on dedicated cycle paths without motorised traffic.) On the first day of your cycle tour we adjust your bicycle in order to make your ride as enjoyable as possible. This is also the reason for asking you for your height with the booking.

Speaking about heights: Our bicycles fit cyclists from 4'8'' (1.40m) to 6'9'' (2.05m). However, ladies taller than 6'1'' will be asked to ride a gent's bicycle. Men being shorter than 5'3'' will be cycling a ladies bicycle (step-through frame).

Feel free to bring your pedals or saddle

If you want to bring your own saddle or additional fittings along, just do so. We are happy to mount it for you. And in the rather unsusual case that something happens to our bicycle, it will be repaired immediately or replaced by a new one. We always bring spare bicycles on our cycling holidays.

Briefly about the pedals on our bicycles: We use flat pedals (without click-in function, without straps). We do so as 97% of our guests have it this way on their bicycles at home. If you belong to the remaining 3%, feel free bringing your pedal from home. We will fit it before the cycling starts.