Rental e-bikes

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A few more words about e-bikes (aka 'Pedelecs'): First of all, the rider still has to pedal. The electric motor 'multiplies' the power that is brought on the pedal. The rider can chose between different 'multipliers' by pushing a button on the handle bar.
The rider can also switch off the motor at all, if she wants. The bicycle then behaves like a regular bicycle. It only is a bit heavier.

Like all our bicycles, it comes with a lock. We can also exchange the saddle for your private one or put a gel cover on top. Just as you like it.

The battery charger goes with your luggage from hotel to hotel each day. You charge the battery over night.

And by the way: All e-bikes come with a step-through frame.

Since we have a limited number of e-bikes only, please tell us with the booking or contact us beforehand. Thank you very much!