E-bike upgrades

A few words about e-bikes (aka 'pedelecs'): First of all, the rider still has to pedal. The electric motor only runs and thereby assists if the cyclist pedals. When cycling, the rider chooses from a number of ‘assistance levels’, varying by how much the motor will assist. The assistance level can be adjusted easily at any time via the control panel on the handle bar.

The typical cyclist keeps the chosen assistance level for the entire ride. To go faster or slower, one uses the gears as on a push bike. By the way, our e-bikes are equipped with either seven- or eight-speed gear-boxes. This is sufficient for the terrain we cycle in.

The rider can also switch off the motor completely, if she wants. The e-bike then behaves like an, apparently heavier, push bike.

What else might be of interest?

  • The motor on e-bikes assists only when cycling slower than 25km/h (15.6 mph). When going faster, the rider relies solely on her muscle power. This is fine as our holidays are about enjoying the countryside rather than being the first at the hotel.
  • All our e-bikes come with a step-through frame. This makes life much more convenient, for women and men alike.
  • The e-bike’s battery needs to be charged regularly, normally daily. Therefor we provide chargers that go with our guests’ luggage from hotel to hotel. We recommend our guests to start charging once getting to the room. So when returning from dinner, at latest, the battery is fully charged and ready for the next day.

Got it!

So why do guests go for an e-bike on our holidays? Most likely, because the guest rides an e-bike at home and does not want to switch back. Other reasons might be the following:

  • When two people, partners or friends, decide to go on a cycling holiday together, an e-bike can provide the necessary strength, endurance and confidence for the ‘less avid’ rider. Both will be able to enjoy the holiday to the maximum.
  • Some routes include a few uphill sections. While these inclines are all manageable, they might appear as a challenge if one isn’t used to occasional ascents. Therefore, having an e-bike might be recommended in the individual case.
  • It may not come as a surprise, cycling is much more worry-free with an e-bike – particularly if one gets older. Some of our guests decide to have an e-bike simply to be on the safe side. They may use the assistance on the modest level available or switch on the motor only towards the end of the day.

Either way, e-bikes become more and more popular amongst our guests. There are usually at least two e-bikes in every group these days.