10 inspirations for your next Mercurio cycling holiday

1. Verify all 17,974 pipes of the world biggest organ at St. Stephen's Cathedral in Passau are still there

The confluence of Danube and Inn River in Passau
At the confluence of Danube and Inn River: With our hotel being situated right there it's the perfect place to start a cycling holiday.

2. Visit places that have made it onto the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites

Cycling by the Danube
The paths chosen by our guides are all safe for cycling and without major climbs. Here: cycling by the Danube towards Melk Abbey

3. Enjoy the company of locals and other cyclist on your way

A coffee stop
Apart from stoping every 15 to 20 minutes we have proper coffee breaks once in a while. Here, a small bar offers more than 19 different coffees. We will be happy to help making the right decision :)

4. Taste wine where it gets produced

Cycling the vineyards of the Moselle River
Cycling the vineyards of the Moselle River: The perfect place and time to visit a vintner in the cellar.

5. Praise the 'good old times' on a walk along quaint old houses before resting your head at your hotel's comfy bed

The leaning house of Ulm
The Crooked House, still standing in the Fishermen's quarter of Ulm, is just one of many picturesque places that we come along on a guided tour in Ulm.

6. Visit places where world history was written

The point where Russion and American soldiers met during WWII
April 1945, Elbe Day: Here it is where Russian and American soldiers met during WWII. Our local guide will tell you what exactly happened those days.

7. Have a picnic in the countryside

A picnic on a Mercurio cycling holiday
A buffet style picnic is prepared almost every day. You will find everything to make a sandwich, fruits and vegetables from the market, all kinds of non-alcoholic drinks as well as selected local delicacies. You won't even miss your piece of chocolate.

8. Listen to Austrian folk music at a public concert

A public concert at the main square in Linz
A public concert at the main square of Linz: not far from the hotel where we stay.

9. Discover local cuisine before Jamie Oliver broadcasts it

Dinner at Zell Castle
Our guests relaxing and chatting over dinner: here at the restaurant of Zell Castle. By the way: there are no restrictions to the menu. You can eat whatever you like.

10. Simply keep fit by being active every day

A guest at a playground along the Danube
One of our (many!) guests at the playground, by the end of the holiday - we think it proofs that cycling is a fountain of youth :)