(published April 17, 2020)

(A copy of our newsletter, sent March 16, 2020)

Dear reader,

You certainly follow the news about Covid-19 closely too. The situation seems to be more worrying each day as the number of people infected rises. Many European countries have already ‘shut down’, or are about to do so. Public life and traveling is restricted, non-essential shops and restaurants are getting closed and people are asked for ‘social distancing’ - a new term for many of us.

The German government has initiated additional, severer restrictions only yesterday. Here at Mercurio we hope that the number of new infections will start to decline in about two to three weeks, leading to an easing of some or most of the measures taken. This also means: While we were hoping for the virus being a distant memory soon, the issue might follow us a bit longer.

Another thing that bothers us is the fact that many of our guests belong to the high risk group. Hence we are treating this matter with extra care.

At the moment, we thoroughly monitor the situation, keep track of all the news and collect advice that might be relevant for our tour guides this summer.

As the scheduled tours come closer, we will contact all guests and discuss your options. In the worst case we will have to suspend single departures, for example in a situation like we are in right now.
Meanwhile, we are putting together a list of latest cancellation dates for all the hotels and services along the cycle paths. The idea is that we can delay a final decision for each tour to the latest.

Furthermore, we herewith postpone the due dates of all outstanding invoices to a later date and hope this will give you some peace of mind.

Let us keep our fingers tightly crossed and hope for the best.

With best regards

Andre Volkel
Owner of Mercurio Bike Travel